Extremely slow AWS EBS Volumes during farming

Hi guys,
Not EXACTLY chia support but I am facing this issue during farming so and tried the usual rememdies!

I am farming on AWS!
I had a harvester in a different availability zones and regions. In order to consolidate all in one place I use the snapshot and restore options to copy a 16TiB EBS volume which had 160 plots from one zone to another.
The plots are loaded BUT while running plots check command, it jumps from checking 2 plots per minutes to 1 plot per 4-5 minutes.
Also I tried to make a new volume and copy all plots to that volume but the copy speed starts from around 100MiB/s to ~5/s.

cp /chia/farm-vol3/farm-1/plot-k32-2021-05-07-07-36-70d6657d3caf19e4a2c946fcbbd4547ed5a3ce08da8c7bdcc40f909e98ebee4e.plot
        20.7% (21.0 GiB / 101.3 GiB) 5.2 MiB/s remaining 4:21:21

I monitored the tps to this volume, it starts with a few hundred per second and drops to 20-30 but utilization shows 100%

Average:          DEV       tps     rkB/s     wkB/s     dkB/s   areq-sz    aqu-sz     await     %util
Average:      nvme3n1     24.70   6323.20      0.00      0.00    256.00      1.93     80.11     99.68

On thing that I can sort of blame is that I made the snapshot WHILE it was optimizing the volume from a GP3 type to SC1 type.

Here is the fragmentation report

ubuntu@ip-172-31-31-55:~$ sudo xfs_db -c frag -r /dev/nvme3n1
actual 738065, ideal 166, fragmentation factor 99.98%
Note, this number is largely meaningless.
Files on this filesystem average 4446.17 extents per file

Should I defrag these volumes? Would they defrag if they are 99% filled? Windows needs 10% to defrag!
So if there are any cloud experts out there, please help!

extents before:1371 after:13      ino=178
extents before:12532 after:13      ino=179
extents before:11382 after:13      ino=180
extents before:11207 after:13      ino=181
extents before:496 after:13      ino=182

Discovered during the defragmentation process! I wonder if that is the problem!

Another bunch of culprits found! :laughing:

extents before:57845 after:13      ino=424961933
extents before:89092 after:13      ino=424961934
extents before:151907 after:13      ino=424961935
extents before:163546 after:13      ino=424961936
extents before:149229 after:13      ino=424961937
extents before:77996 after:13      ino=424961938