Ez farming during the dust storm 🥶

Dear community :wave:

The quantity of dust storms is increasing, commission-free transactions continue pending for a long time, but we do not stand aside - we help our farmers!

Until the website is updated, we pay the transaction fee at our own expense (instead of a farmer) and we also pay extra mojos to the farmers’ wallets :smirk:

So, payouts will be completed without any delays and you’ll get free additional bonus :relaxed:

Dust storm is almost a normal state of the Chia Network. Especially it will become in the future, when the number of transactions will grow tenfold. We do our best to exclude all users’ problems (especially with payouts) and try to make farming as easy as possible :sunglasses:

And how do you think, how soon will mandatory fees be introduced? And will they?

Wouln’t a fee of 1 mojo solve the issue? how many active farmers do you have?
I would even go so far as to call it adoption of the blockchain. Of course if its free, people use it for their purposes…

LG, KryptoMine_ch

If someone wants to spam the network and give farmers some money, I’m not going to say no!

There won’t ever be mandatory fees, it will simply become faster to pay for the transaction to process during periods of congestion (dust storm induced or from legitimate use). But transactions will remain mostly free for the foreseable future.

No 1 mojo fee is counted as zero by most chia nodes. I can’t prove “most”

The higher the commission = the higher the priority. Our users’ priority is valuable for us.

463 for now.

This info is also available at our discord server.

hmm. to me as a miner the priority is of second thought. Others might see it differently but im a micro optimizer. If I can avoid Transaction fee, I avoid it :stuck_out_tongue: