Failed to fetch block from none error

I have an error that keeps popping up but I have no clue on where to troubleshoot it. Any help would be much appreciated.

[3:48 PM]
2021-06-06T09:15:54.211 full_node full_node_server        : ERROR    Exception: Failed to fetch block 393084 from None, timed out <class 'ValueError'>, closing connection None. Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chia\server\", line 536, in api_call
  File "asyncio\", line 414, in wait_for
  File "chia\server\", line 533, in wrapped_coroutine
  File "chia\server\", line 526, in wrapped_coroutine
  File "chia\full_node\", line 104, in new_peak
  File "chia\full_node\", line 373, in new_peak
  File "chia\full_node\", line 322, in short_sync_backtrack
  File "chia\full_node\", line 307, in short_sync_backtrack
ValueError: Failed to fetch block 393084 from None, timed out

It looks as if I had a chance to try to win a block but it failed and I have quite a few errors on this.

I’m perplexed.

The thing that stands out to me it that it failed to fetch the block from, “None”.

Looks like it could be a path error. EDIT: it is looking for an IP, not a path

No answers yet, but you are not alone …

Also found this error which at least shows what should be there in place of, “None”:

ValueError: Failed to fetch block 103047 from {‘host’: ‘’, ‘port’: 8444}, timed out.

So it is looking for an IP not a path, and the IP address it needs to look for is not being provided.

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I may have found your answer:

If nothing else, I believe the above link reflects that this error message occurs when you drop a peer. As you drop peers regularly and pick up others, this may not really be an error unless you are getting lots of them.

P.S. I found this info using a google search for, “ValueError: Failed to fetch block from None”.


That makes sense as I have been closing out zombie peers that just stay at 0/0 or .01/0.

Thank you for the research! :slight_smile: Have a great day.

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