Fake Plot Still at HPOOL OG POOL?

So recently i watch blocks found on Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools, and see Hpool OG consistently get less block than they should by large margin (-100 blocks, thats like 50% rewards) so i just wonder

  1. Fake Plot Still at Hpool OG Pool ?? And if large pool like hpool still have fake plot, what happen with more smaller OG pool ??
  2. capacity in Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools is verified from blockchain, or just something that is given by Pool operator ??

I could not find any sources mentioned. It could just be like, some guy’s opinion for all we know.

As revenue might be the question behind:
I can just tell from my own experience since I startet using HPOOL as there was no other choice…
I compared several weeks HPOOL with Official Pools (based on same number of plots) the chia I got is the ~ same I saw no significant difference. Still I am slowly reducing hpool and switching to Space, XCH… and some smaller local pools (I like to support local ones).

Looking at the actuals stats: hpool got 30% too less blocks and SpacePool 23% that is not extremly different. XCH even 180%…

Capacity in this stats - no idea would also be interested how they are measured. Maybe based on number of partials submitted… or just via an API towards the pools…

The start here are a bit problematic. Their block sample size is just too small (1000) That makes the numbers go up and down a lot and makes it hard to get useful info from it.
Would be much more useful if they showed block won per 10.000 or even 100k block to get a good average.

I’m running a comparison between Hpool and Flexpool at the moment with 111 plots in each.
So far it shows pretty much the same income, but that doesn’t count the .25 farmer reward of course.
So in theory hpool pays 12,5% less from what I can see.
But it also has advantages, like rocksteady income good income and super light farmer.
Today for the first time the total space of all the official protocol pool combined passed Hpools space. That took a lot longer than I had expected to be honest but seeing the results like this I can imagine that people are not feeling the need or rush to replot for pools.

Especially not if they run Chia Client and Hpool Miner in parallel and get the full 2XCH for a win, after the ban following the first win it’s still time to replot to NFT.

well yes sometimes hpool stat on miningpoolstats, comparable with other mining pool, but that doesn’t mean there is no problem with hpool OG, it just mean hpool sometimes got reward in “normal phase”, but doesn’t change the fact that before, and after “normal phase” the block that hpool obtain is less than it should.

well the income do you get, do you also include airdrop from hpool ?? since when i still farming there i also got that, and its about 10% from my income

As far as i know they only airdrop for their PP pool, not the OG pool. But correct me if I’m wrong

What’s their PP pool, a nft pool?

yup thats it…still not 20 chars

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Well, might be. But as written I compared my own numbers using >1000 plots each. Income is more or less the same (excluding the .25 when hitting a block).
The hpool client runs still more stable than the official chia software (on windows) - I still see mem leak? on the full node growing to 2GB in a week. hpool uses far less resources (mem and cpu) - but OK it is like comparing harvester only with a fullnode (might not be fair but that what is running on user side). Is the Linux version as “resource hungry” as the windows one?

Still I prefer the official protocoll over the intransparent hpool one - just wanted to share my experience on facts I see (might be different for others).