Fake pool on miningpoolstats to get more traffic?

Someone of you already noticed new 100 PiB nxpool.io on Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools
The domain registered 3 days ago, website is a 15 minutes landing and on main page it says that they merged with poolharvest. Is it only me who thinks it suspicious?

Poolharvest created fake pool and listed it on the top with fake PiBs to redirect all the traffic to their website, this is how it seems for me at least.
I don’t really care much, but this is not the way how healthy competition works. At least from my point of view.

Wonder why they haven’t listed EiBs, even more traffic in that case…

As long as the scammer list with the Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools and keep their API’s up its all good;

The chia clones have been doing this all along to create the image of fake-space, some had +EB

Most of the scam’s are only for two purposes to date.

(1) Steal your xch wallet information, once you run their miner, they can setup a keystroke logger, and all kinds of stuff
(2) Once they get your OG&PP plot information they can use it to create real fake plots to submit to hpool or the other pools; They also get the wallet&key detail that goes along with your plots to prove ownership on the pools;

So there is lots of reason for all these scam chia-clones & pools; #1 complaint issue post on chia-net github is still “Somebody stole my chia”, yep imagine that.

You still owe me evidence of this ridicolous claim.
Should i re-post my public keys and plot filenames or are you going to ban me here again if i do so?

Correction: poolharvest, not https://pool.garden.

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Claim that someone can make fake plots by stealing some information about the plot (which is actually available for any official protocol pool you farm on) seems a bit untrue.
And most of pools does not require you to install any 3-rd software. (unlike hpool btw)

I’m talking actually about fair competition, rather scam, sooo…

I reported them to MPSS and got them removed. I also reported a few more pools that are either faking stats or entirely fake. The first may not be removed or MPSS may just ask them to fix things.

Cool! Just curious what other pools do you mean?
I can think about some but totally not sure.

The sad part of this is that poolharvest don’t care at all.

I don’t want to name them as I’m not 100% sure, they could just have bad websites and statistics. Most obvious example is Panda pool who hasn’t found a block in 7 days despite having 33 PiB. AWPool has no block in 28 hours which is pretty unlucky if so given their 52.55 PiB.

There’s also a bunch of ones that advertise a 0% fee but in their terms and conditions they say there is a fee which contradicts the front page advertisement.