Farm Check : No Wins

I’m not sure that is true, let me check :upside_down_face:

No 0.25XCH on GUI.

Chiadog clean since I stopped plotting.

I’ll consider running plotting process at a lower priority than Chia background processes.

Maybe I could run Chia on one CPU and plotting on the other?

Check your receive addresses, you’ve probably set it to one that isn’t your main so it won’t show the .25 except under wallet tab.

I’m only used to the gui, you know the " manage farming rewards " settings?
Check those.

@Bones I am very confused now.

That farmer reward address is different than my wallet address. I only have one set of Chia keys though. I cannot work this out.

Just 1 solo block reward of 1.75 and .25 , and a pool block reward of .25.

So 2 block you’ve hit, full solo one in July, pool one on oct.

They don’t make the wallet user friendly I’ll admit.

Do you own that address?

As far as I know, I have one wallet and one set of mnemonic keys.

Looks as if there are no keys for that wallet address, so the wallet won’t update.
Those wins are sent to the address mentioned, but the client doesn’t show.

When you setup your wallet it gives 1 add, when you create a nft it gives another.
And you can create further new ones whenever you wish.

If its not your address, possibly you joined a shady pool that changed it, or someone compromised the pc, or you set up a cold wallet.

This is normal in a sense that the wallet receive address in Wallet section can be one of virtually unlimited ‘child’ addresses. The wallet (with appropiate keys) however should show the grant total om transactions on all those addresses.

How do I access the 2.25XCH?
Shall I change my pool receive addresses to my wallet receive address?
How could this mess have happened?

How can I find whether the 2.25 XCH is contained in the 6.64XCH in my wallet?

Considering the coin is still sat on that address, I doubt it was malicious.

Change those 2 addresses to one you definitely own to protect future rewards, then you can try to work on accessing that address.

Thanks, I have changed the 2 addresses to my wallet.

I have no idea how I would access the 2.25XCH now.

I am so confused about wallets.

How many addresses can a wallet have? How do I list them? How do I access them?

Can you do chia keys show
And what is the First wallet address reported?