Farm Health program

I am a member of space pool. The other day I restarted my computer, and my PPLNS went way up. It made me think that for some reason some of my drives were malfunctioning, or something. I’ve been at an estimated 50 Tib, and in the last couple of hours, its dropped to mid 30’s. I actually have around 45 Tib replotted so far.

Is there a program that will check my farms status to make sure everything is going as it should? Like, almost something that pings each plot and make sure it is responding?

I’m the developer of farmr
Many people use it alongside web dashboard and farmrBot discord bot to monitor their farms.
You can check your response times, peers, and many other useful data. It can also notify you when/if something goes wrong.
The client is open-source, check it out:

EDIT: forgot to mention that it can also integrate with SpacePool’s API to display current balance, points and effective capacity

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I’m not seeing how to check response times

It says my farmer status is not available.

I suppose there is a problem with your farmer then. I’d recommend checking the logs and checking the output of cli command “chia farm summary”

@gil farmr is very cool, thank you for developing it! I just installed it a few days ago myself. What is the “time span” I’m looking at? Is it the last 24 hours or is it over all time (all logs?) If all time, is there an easy way to reset the stats or do I just delete all the log files?

Last 24 hours of logs. I should make that clearer!

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Yes, this is very cool. I’ve got it set up and running now. I think this is exactly what I was needing.

what does this mean: complete subslots?

Thank you for the answer. :worried:

Yes, what does the sub slots mean? Also on the exe, it keeps saying failed to get peak height. What does that mean?

Thats just a metric to determine how scrambled the signage points you are receiving are.

A sub slot has 64 signage points.
If the sub slot goes from 1 → 64 signage point continuously, it counts it as a complete sub slot,
if it’s missing one signage point, or there’s a badly ordered sequence, (e.g.: index 3, 5, 4) it counts it as incomplete sub slot.

It doesn’t mean your incomplete sub slots are not useful, it just means that you could, in theory, have missed a signage point from that sub slot, which in turn could mean that you missed a challenge.

If you hover over that progress bar below “128 sub slots” you’ll see that it says something like “89% ordered signage points”. You should not worry about this too much, this value fluctuates with the network. For example, when transactions were released in May, everyone had around 60% ordered signage points.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s an issue with a third party API, nothing to worry about. It’s been fixed in v1.7.2.7

What are the bandwidth requirements for the farmr client please ?

I have limited upload bandwidth due to living in a remote area and I have to be careful not to saturate my uplink.

It just sends some numerical parameters from the farmer/harvester to a server every 10 minutes or so. Next to none load for your uplink i think.

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I can’t answer precisely, but it scans logs and sends data every 10 mins, i can’t imagine it’s very much data.

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Thanks for replies - I suspect you are correct and will wait for gil to add more detail before I roll it out.

Do I need to install only on my full node or do all harvesters need the install too ? How does it group a mult-harvester setup ? Does it combine all stats for the entire farm or show each harvester as individual dashboards ?

Both! You have to install farmr on full-node and any additional harvesters to get the complete picture on the dashboard.

xkredr59 what happened to your farm? Those stats say something could very likely be amiss. Showing 208 days since last win, but your expected is 18 days??? 2.571 seconds worst response isn’t terrible, and your response graph looks good…but … but …?