Farm PC and Wallet PC

I am in the process of setting up a farming PC and a Wallet PC. I have access to multiple PC’s but not hardware to upgrade memory or cpu’s.

I have several docker containers running Chia and a few forks. On the farming PC I am using “start farmer-no-wallet” this reduces the memory and CPU needed for each fork.

Then I have a second PC that I have a bunch of dockers I want to setup to use “start wallet-only” and point the wallet to my main farmer in the config.yaml.

The wallet PC pulls from the farming PC, confirmed this in the logs.

I am wondering if there’s more to the config, AKA anyone else that has done this? Namingly is there a way to have the farming PC recognize that its wallet is on the other PC. Would be slick to use the farming PC as the central point but in short its using multiple PC for the farming.