Farm Sale | ~100TB to ~120TB

I currently have a ~160TB Farm that I am looking to sell off as package deal with the plots and keys for between 100TB & 120TB. As some of this is on a NAS used for other purposes and I will be keeping a couple of the other drives for another project.

What you’ll get:

  • 6x14TB WD drives - MaxDigitalData (MD14000GSA25672) 14TB - Got these on a pretty good deal on 9/21 of last year from ebay and they have something like 7 years on them. Bought 6 and all 6 are still going.
  • 1x12TB WDC WD120EDAZ-11F3RA0 - Just over a year old/runtime
  • 1x ST6000DM003-2CY186 - Just over a year old/runtime
  • 2x HBA’s - I’ll get device info on them for you but they will come with some cables too
  • ?x SATA and Molex splitters, extensions, etc - whatever’s in the case
  • 3x Drive cages if you need them - Pulled from other cases, each hold 4 drives - will provide pics
  • ~15XCH and counting
  • Mnemonic key to the farm

What might go with it:

  • 2x8TB drives - I am probably keeping these - most likely
  • 6x3TB drives - These are those 2012 era Hitachi’s that are fucking champs and I might just have a use for them yet so not sure. They are on the bargaining table if you want them.

All drives are formatted ext4 as a single volume, no partitions, w/ reserved block count set to 0
They are not space optimized meaning all plots are k32

If interested, we can chat in more detail. Can pull SMART data, get model numbers of HBAs, etc. Whatever package we put together, I’m thinking $14 per TB and whatever roughly going price of XCH is for the wallet on the day we virtual handshake this. I’ll have to check on the HBAs once I have a chance to get model numbers. If I had to guess, the entire package would land somewhere in the $1800 to $2200 range depending on what all drives are going with it.

At this point in time, I am only looking to sell this as a package deal.