Farm Sale - 720 TB with Network Server


I am looking to sell my Chia farm. This includes:

  1. 12TB Seagate Exos ENTERPRISE Drives (quantity: 60). Model# ST12000NM001G

  2. A Storinator XL60 server, housing all 60 plotted drives. Here is the manufacturer’s website for details: Storinator™ XL60 - Affordable, Big Data Storage

Please let me know if interested! Total cost for everything is $35,000 negotiable. I’m in the USA and can ship to you.

I am not sure that is priced to move my dude. Used storage is going for $8/tb USD these days. So there’s about $5,760 worth of storage here. Used JBODs are coming back down in price - $300 for a 24-disk, so that’s just an additional $1,000. If you listed this at $8,000 you might get more interest.

My two cents.


$48 per tb? Thanks but no thanks. For this price I’ll just buy new with none of the risk. Or just buy 3x time more capacity for second hand. Totally agreeing with @bwfree !


A simple, “no thanks” would have been sufficient. How unfriendly a response.

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I mean, we did have to clean the coffee we spit all over our laptops so it’s not totally unprovoked.

Tough call sometimes, but I think they’re just trying to warn any starry eyed newcomers. It’s a sweet setup, and probably the most efficient way to pack 60 drives. Just a due diligence reminder for anyone interested to do more than 2 minutes of research on a forum post before cutting a big check - know what you need, what your goals are, etc. I ran some quick numbers and 9 years ROI for that number and no change (unlikely) in coin land for a steady $3,700 worth of Chia every year - that’s a very specific buyer.


It’s called constructive criticism, not an unfriendly response.


Hi WaterMint,

If you check out server parts deals, I think you will find that the drives you are selling with the enclosure manufacturer recertified are going for under $150 each. That is with a warrantee. It may be very difficult for you to recover your sunk cost of the enclosure plus the drives in todays environment. For example even when drives were super expensive, and enclosures were on fire, I was able to build an enclosure that held 72 drives for $2400. I don’t think you are going to be able to get the 15k you put into the XL60 back out on the used market. You may want to market the enclosure someplace else, as enterprise builds may not be on the shoestring budget that many of us Chia miners are on.



No one will recover what they paid. I paid $6500 for my rig and I can duplicate it now for $2100. Oh how times have changed.

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So how often do you support the wingnut crowd.

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I don’t get this - if I were to re-build what I have it would cost at least 20% more than what it did.

Second hand prices have dropped massively, I paid £70 each for some 200GB enterprise SSDs, picked another up for less than a third of that recently. Other secondhand hardware has also dropped.

Of course the biggest difference is what we’ve learnt and the difference it would make to our buying decisions.


Ah ok - I was only considering new costs.

If second hand gear has gone down as much as you say, it makes you wonder why (obviously demand) as new gear is no less scarce now than it was this time last year IME.

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because nobody wants to fucking buy it to begin with

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Are you trying to make your Mum proud again???


Thank you everyone for all of the constructive replies! With such a low resale value I will continue to mine Chia for now. Best of luck to all


You could always wait for a sucker to come along. That is not a rare occurrence. (How many long time members are there here for example) Aside from that, I wish you well.

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:partying_face: :tada: :tada: :tada:

Couldn’t have wished a happier ending !