Farm went belly up

hello I have searched through first to see if others had a similar problem & couldn’t see it.

my farm OS went belly up & i had to restore it, I made sure i had my keys
i am using Kbuntu
I have chia blockchain 1.3.5 running my menomic keys were accepted & was able to add my drives back on but all my plots have missing keys,
I am using space pool to pool with.
it’s my fault i neglected watching over my system & keeping up to date if anyone can point to a step i must have forgotten to do.
my farm doesnt make money really its more of a long long long play. any help be appreciated.

After reinstalling did you let everything sync from the beginning?
If not id try deleting your wallet db ( not blochain db ) and letting that resync.

hey Bones yes i did.
I am seeing in my logs

chia plotXXXXXXXX has a farmer public key that is not in the farmers pk list

I am thinking i need my pool key adding to my system…

Are you using any harvesters or just a main node on one machine?

I use space as well and have never added anything from them.

Can you see the nft for your plots?

main node on one machine. I wouldnt call my setup a farm more of a allotment garden.
i found my keys
seed & they are looking correct…
also my wallet is empty… my pool stuff from the faucet should be there.
i should have about $59 of chia 1.2 coin

Ok, id try deleting your walket db and letting that sync.
Not the blockchain db, that will set you back days.

If that doesn’t work, i could be wrong, but i suspect you may have used the wrong mnemonic.

If you use chia plots check -n 1
It will show the plots farmer key, then you can see for yourself if it matches the keys you are using.

If they don’t match, somehow you used the wrong mnemonic.
Otherwise it is a software issue that can be fixed

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yes i am thinking i have the wrong mneomonic saved…
my farmer public keys don’t match up.
if i can’t find it ( i know i would saved it somewhere! ) this is what I need a better life time way to save keys like this… instead of piece of paper or email that i can get locked out of.
if i cant it rm -rf * & start again right?!

Without the mnemonic those plots will be useless and need replotting.
And you wont be able to access your coins.
So search well.

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Thank you for everyones help
time to warm up mad max I feel!

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Ok, so before i went & nuked my farm.
I deleted the wallet db etc & my pool & my chia coins returned up
I checked the keys they match but i am still getting the missing keys on all my plots.
I am still not fully synced to the blockchain would this be effecting it? Am 3/4 way there.
Any suggestions?
Do do i just nuke & start again
Also i saw madmax is now part of chia… thats cool

If you can see the nft for your plots, is the no of plots on the nft shown correctly.?

I believe if the nft and plots no now shows correctly that imported mnemonic must have been used to create them.

Possibly its that the payout address is not yours, check those are correct.

Pla post the full line of the error here.

Next time be on flexpool and have flexfarmer ready so even if your client goes belly up and keys disappear you can startup flexfarmer and change payout address to your new wallet and start farming.

Also great if you buy rigs with preplotted drives you just need the plot key to put in the config and start farming.

I’ve had the chia client wipe itself from my computer twice I have no idea why it happens.

Flex farmer allows the farming of plots without the pvt keys to them?
Surely not.

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The other claims are also FUD

Well, you have to prepare before you lose the keys to get the farming key that flexfarmer uses
So prepare now?

Id think if you cant keep your mnemonic safely stored away any effort to store any other key is also futile, but thats just me.

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If anyone breaks into my house they might wonder why the same 24 words are written on every surface


At least go old skool, find a book, mark your page and word no.
Least that way its not raw to a crypto savvy intruder.

Maybe be easier if chia let you actually choose your own words… one can dream.

Just need the plot key to sign blocks with. The plot key can’t do much on its own.

We released an open source app in python to find your plot key using your mnemonic. I think the Chia gui shows it too but I can’t verify that until I reinstall it.

If your chia app gets wiped your plot key will still be in the flexfarmer config file so you can keep farming. Just edit the payout address in the file to switch to your new wallet.

PS: Great for anyone who buys a used pre-plotted HDD. Just ask the seller to make sure his/her plots are on Flex and for the plot key and you can farm them.