Farmer / harvester randomly crashes



  • Chia 1.1.5
  • Ubuntu 18.04.05
  • Linux kernel 5.4.0-72
  • dual Xenon processor, 64 GB of RAM.
  • Disks from the plotters connected via sshfs (over local network).

I’ve noticed that my main farmer often stops working, usually during the middle of the night so I miss a lot of chances to win. The error message in dmesg is traps: chia_harvester[8441] general protection fault ip:7f3f4f6350a0 sp:7f3f26ffba10 error:0 in[7f3f4f5a0000+1e7000]

Is it a known issue? I’ll try to update my libraries to see if it helps.

Are you sure this machine is stable? Does it pass prime95/mprime overnight? Does it pass memtest?

I’ve been using this machine as my home server (home automation, Plex etc) for more than 2 years now, never had any issue. I’ll be upgrading to a new machine in a few days so it’s probably not worth spending much time on this, I mostly wanted to check if it was a known issue, I’m not excluding that it could be a hardware issue on my side.

In the meantime I’ve made a script that regularly check if the harvester is up and restart it if needed.

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I have had 4 crashes during night on a windows machine, NUC i10710U 6 core 32 GB with 4TB ssd and 32TB thunder bay8, so frustrating 3.6K down the drain, dedicated machine clean. No clue what to do?? Any help is appreciated.

Log file - logs