Farming 2 type of plots on same Windows machine (2 wallets , 2 pools)

Hello ,

I need to figure out following situation :

Previously we have 2 Windows PC machines , both were used for plotting and subseqently for farming. Each PC has own plots , own wallet and own type of plots (one for OG , one for NFT) and each has also
different pool. On one machine we used Foxy Pool enabled CHIA application (1.6.1 with og pooling 1.2.0), on second machine there is proprietary CHIA widnows app.

Now plotting is finished, and we want to farm all plots only on 1 machine, but with
original scenario i.e 2 wallets , 2 pools , different plots (OG and NFT), is there any way how
we can achieve it , as windows don’t allow us to run 2 instances of CHIA ? Any idea or help is very appreciated.

Thank you.

Ive never tried it, i have no clue how og pooling works.

But i believe it should be totally possible within 1 instance.
You can farm with 2 sets of keys in one instance, just add other keyset.

Have you tried and encountered an issue?

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Another possibility is to run once set on CLI, the other on GUI if things aren’t working out. I’m not sure what that would mean for the database… or other details for that matter, but it’s a backup plan to test out.

Ah crap, zombie post. Sorry guys lol.

Just set up a docker image, vm with folder sharing and / or change ports…

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