Farming and avast network threat blocked

Good day all,

I have been solo farming since almost the start of Chia. Never had any issues, found multiple blocks, running full node, lots of network connections and have port forwarded on my firewall.

I’ve seen this error on Avast antivirus 2-3 times over the last few months:

Threat blocked
We’ve safely aborted connection on tcp:// because it was infected with botnet:blacklist

Has anyone else seen this running avast? I just want to make sure that it’s not interfering with my validations and potential rewards? I don’t think so but want to make sure. Can I block connections to this ip address in chia?

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Cant see why it would as long as you have other good peers to relay data.

Not that im aware of in chia specifically, but your router should / could possibly.

Cool thank you. Yeah that makes sense about other peers, didn’t think about that. Good point on router, I’ll check that out too.

Thank you again

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