Farming C19 plots with 1080

Can someone comment on this:

Farming C8 GPU plots and at the same time reploting C19 plots on other machine. Curently less than 1/4 of plots are C19. Are my times fine (more than 4s in average)? Will things get worse when I replot all of my HDDs with C19? In total I have someting like 900 tb on this machine, will it work OK with my 1080?

I doubt it very much.

Why don’t you just run ProofOfSpace and see how much you can farm.

I’m farming c19 with a 3060, and that would manage about 362TiB physical, may be a bit more depending on the difficulty - solo or on a pool.

Well, I am still plotting/farming and don’t know if the results will be fine if I run ProofOfSpace while plotting/farming. Plus I will need SSD on the farmer for the results to be HDD-independent, do I?
Maybe I should give it a try. Is there a WINDOWS version or just a Ubuntu one?

But anyway, is more than 4s a bad thing or it is acceptable? I can not compare the results with the previous ones when the average time was around 3s.

Yes there is a Windows version, it’s on the page I linked to, and the plot you test with needs to be on an ssd. You also need to stop farming and plotting whilst the test is run.

You actually have up to 28 seconds (but lower is safer), and you now don’t get a warning until 8 seconds, but it’s just a warning. I’m averaging 6 seconds.

I didn’t like the 5 seconds response time either, so I went with c18.

yes, but do I HAVE to change to C18 or is it just your preference about lookup times? I don’t want to base my decision on LIKES. :slight_smile:

It’s just his preference, longer response times are perfectly acceptable up to a point, 28 seconds is the limit, but that’s total time, so you really want to be under 20, but lower is better.

it does really depend on your farm size and gpu units you have

with c19 you ll stick with 350tib tops, what if you would expend your farm with another 100tib, you would have to replot or buy another gpu and so on

and this is without paying attention to gpu resources and much more intensive computing

and after all said above the one question is unaswered - why? for the 5% starage space gain? naah im not doing it.

p/s of course its up to everyones usecase

also the most beautiful part is you can farm two harvester full of c18 and plotting at the same time with just one 1080ti

It is more like 9-10% more storage/profit.

what do you mean “more like”? like skripal assassination? :grinning:

c18/c19 = 59.7/56.4 = 1.0585

well that’s almost 6 percent

No way a 1080 can handle 900TiB of C19, absolutely not.

If you look at this results page from the Proofofspace benchmark:

GTX 1080 | C17 | 0.704 PiB
GTX 1080 | C18 | 0.482 PiB
(this is for filter 256, june 2024)

So even at C18, currently your max farm size would be 0.964 PiB = 987 TiB
Already at the limit and then when the filter changes next year june, you either have to get a new GPU, or replot.

C19 is at least double the workload of C18, so not going to work, even at current filter setting it’s pushing the limit.

Strongly advise you to run the proofofspace benchmark first on your system before deciding a compression level.

exactly. more charACTERS

Thanks, I will do the ProofOfSpace benchmark soon. I just need to install an SSD, the one I have is already full, no space for even 1 plot file. :slight_smile: As for now, I am pretty sure I will upgrade to RTX 3060-3070 after I finish the plotting. Or even better, while doing it.

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