Farming for a cold wallet

I am trying to secure my wallet key, and one suggestion I received was to store my coins in a cold wallet. I tried to look up the approach but couldn’t seem to hit the right keywords.

I am now farming with wallet A, with around 50 plots generated for this wallet. No XCH has been earned yet. Now I want to isolate wallet A from the internet, this maybe stored on just a piece of paper with the 24 words, but wallet A will not be running on the computer anymore.

Now I want to continue plotting and farming for wallet A, what should I do?
My incomplete understanding is that I should create a wallet B, but when doing plotting and farming, I need to

  • Extract the farmer and pool key of wallet A (public keys, safe to disclose)
  • Somehow apply the two keys from wallet A to the config files of the computer running wallet B
    With these, I can plot and farm on wallet B like before, but any XCH earned will go directly to wallet A.

Am I understanding the approach correctly? I am on ubuntu, and I know that I can extract the two mentioned keys using

chia keys show

How should I then add them to the computer running wallet B? (In plotman I know there are options to inject these two keys, but I don’t know about where to do so for Chia itself)

Many thanks.

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Good Security Practices on Many Machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub has all the information you need.


Thanks, certainly missed this part of the wiki.
I think it maybe a good idea to put this on the home page of chia and suggest it as a default operation in the app (creating two keys, and plot/farm with one, and the cold wallet key is not added to the apps).

If you wouldn’t mind, I have one more question.
I followed the wikipedia and updated my farmer and pool reward key, so I guess any new reward will now directly go to my cold wallet (B)?

I am still plotting with farmer originally setup with wallet (A), is there anything I need to update for the plotting/farming configurations?

Yes, new rewards will go directly to your cold wallet.

You don’t need a wallet or private keys on the machine that’s used for plotting.

When creating plots on the other harvesters, use chia plots create -f farmer_key -p pool_key , inserting the farmer and pool keys from your main machine. Alternatively, you could copy your private keys over by using chia keys add, but this is less secure.

But, as long as your old wallet doesn’t contain any XCH anymore, it doesn’t really matter.