Farming impact on sharing a plot

I’m very interested by the POSpace principle and CHIA farming. I was reading the greenpaper (maybe not really understanding too much eheh) and there is a question that i can’t find an answer.

We can build, or buy/sell, or export, or share plots for farming without any restriction…OK.

My question:
But what if i copy a plot and send to a mate, and finally we both farm with the exact same plot from 2 different wallets/network/countries?
Does this make us both able to earn XCH? Will it create a race condition where the one giving a proof first will be the only one to receive the reward?
What will be the impact? Is there an interest? Pros and cons? If there are 20 other guys having the same proof (leakage) do we have twice more chance that one of us receive the reward?
Should a consider a plot as confidential as my facebook password :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Thanks in advance.
Have a great day.

You can’t share a plot.

It works with your key so it can’t for someone else’s wallet. It is already as secure as passwords stored by Facebook, unless they have a leak or you leak your keys.

Everyone who finds a proof to a challenge gets XCH.

The network looks for proofs with a challenge. Farmer receives a signage point. Each plot has unique ID. These three numbers hashed give a plot filter. Based on that a given plot ID can be eligible to look for a proof within. A quality string is read from the plot and hashed with the signage point. If this passes the “difficulty” treshold farmer wins. All farmers that win get XCH, but if too many win difficulty is adjusted. There’s no race condition to be had because of that.

Being a mathematician, this “green” paper reads pretensoiusly obscure while at times underspecific. At least it doesn’t pretend, being named a some-colour-paper. I wouldn’t try too hard if you don’t understand something in it. I think I’ve seen an improved version, but can’t find it. There’s something simpler drafted however

Well, if both of them share the same keys and same plots but each set a different target address, does that not create a race condition? Certainly the block reward is not going to go to both addresses.

Yes, it goes to both. You create wallet address from your key. There can be many, you can create wallets at will, but they all point back so to speak.

That’s not necessarily true. You can set any address you want as the target address, even one not associated in any way with the keys you are using to farm with. If each of them create their own private cold wallet address and use that for the target address, they’re certainly not both going to get the block rewards.

What do you mean by any address you want not associated with your keys. It’s either your shared keys or someone else’s. Sure you can send your rewards away.

I’m not sure where the confusion is coming from here. In your config.yaml file you can set xch_target_address to any valid chia address you want. It does not have to be an address associated with the keys you are using to farm. Some people are doing this to send their block rewards to a cold storage wallet for security purposes.

So my point is that if two people share the same farming keys and plots, they can each set xch_target_address to a different address. Only one of them will get the block rewards. It’s a race condition.

Yes, but cold storage wallet is generated with a key. You can send your rewards somewhere else, that’s your decision I guess. As I said everyone who passes threshold gets block rewards. I’m unable to reason about this further without you, I dunno, writing down equations drawing a picture.

Your picture just shows how various keys are derived from a master seed. That’s not related to what we’re talking about.

You’ve suggested that multiple people can farm the same plots with the same keys and each get the full block reward. If that were true, instead of filling your drives with unique plots why not just make one plot, duplicate it 100 times, run 100 different farmer instances each with a unique xch_target_address, and when you find a winning proof you get 200 XCH! Thankfully it doesn’t work that way.

Three farmers winning the same challenge at the same signage point 1, 2, 3.

Okay. So first of all, thanks to both of you for those very interesting answers.

So if i understood well:
If i consider 1To of plots which make me win 1XCH in about 250 days, it is possible to duplicate it and so on make me earn 2XCH in the exact same time(250days) with those 2To. In an other way, i may also fill this second To with fresh new plots, which will make me earn 1XCH in about 125 days.
So the only question is if i wanna earn more or more quick. Am i true?

If a plot only works with a wallet, how is it possible that chia also provides a website where they sell plots? How those selled plots would be working with my farming wallet?

Another somewhat related question:

If I store my all my plots on a single drive and have multiple farmers pointing to that drive is there any benefit? So multiple harvesters farming the same set of plots. Or is this just replicated effort and not really doing anything?

The question here seems to be “Can I cheat?”

The asnwer is NO

And if you can somehow, It’s called a bug and will/should be fixed soon or the whole project will die