Farming in the cloud...Question about CrowdStorage-S3 API and Chia

Crowd Storage is only providing service for Linux and S3 API. Support told me to try Raidrive, Netdrive, or Webdrive for win 10.
They could not tell me if the 3rd party API’s working with Chia. Does anyone has experience with Chia and the API’s mentioned above?

Crowd Storage reply:

We do not provide any tools other than the storage itself. However we do support any third party software that uses the S3 API. There are a number of windows compatible Cloud drive mounts for windows that you could use including Raidrive, Netdrive, and Webdrive. We have not tested the compatibility of these services with Chia Farming but hope to soon.

I’m afraid it would not work, it barely does already on Linux in a data center very close by, at home with windows, likely won’t work, unless you modify the farmer software for it to fetch it optimized from s3