Farming in your own pool

Hi guys, I wanna ask if i can farm chia in my own pool(i have many hdd’s with 15 GB, don’t ask how).
because farming in pools with 15 GB per farmer isn’t that efficent, so i thought of farming in my own pool just like a farmer with 3 terabytes (200x15GB = 3TB).
Is it possible, and if it is, can you please give me some useful links for how to build an pool?


You don’t need to pool. With 3 PiB farm solo

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He has 3 TB :smiley:


Opps. With 3Tb over so many disk the power usage would make it unviable.

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Tinkering with 200 work computers or cellphones is neat for the science, just don’t get fired for skimming $1.20 in Chia. I vaguely remember someone pitching an idea for fractional plots here or Reddit but I don’t know what came of it (other than a few posters mentioning other chains with smaller plots).

And pools are over my head, but a few of the smaller pools borrowed code from the big dogs, there might be some open source code you can borrow. But again, it seems like a lot of work to run a server to farm 3TB.

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I think you don’t understand that “your own pool” is simply farming solo.

3Tb will earn you 1$ a month before electricity. For small HDDs you will be paying about $10 a month in electricity or more.

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