Farming k32 Plots after K33 gets the new standard

Hello guys,
Chia Network said that k32 plots will be available for 5-10 years until k33 replaces it.
Will k32 only be not be able to be plotted anymore and can the “old” k32 plots still be used for farming or will this be a complete removal for k32 plots and will they be useless after k33 becomes the new standard?

Is there any official announcement about this? because i found nothing official.
Would be very very dissapointing if all the k32 are worthless in a couple of years or maybe even months. No one exactly knows when they will be removed so it would be a hard waste of money…

Sorry for my bad english, i hope someone knows the right answer =)


You’ll still be able to create them, in the same way you can create K31s and lower, but when the minimum plot size moves to K33 (or higher) then K32s will not be able to be used to farm Chia.

Personally, I make K32s anyway - it takes time and money to replot, but it’s not as expensive as storage, plus MadMax only does K32s, and MadMax is more cost-efficient than the original plotter.

Also we can’t know if the network will move to K33s or if it will move straight to K34s, so seems more risky to make K33s.

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yeah makes sense to me, but imagine if you have lets say 3000 k32 plots and you have to replot 300TiB of space.
In some other thread i heard something about that Bram Cohen once said, if the Network moves to k33, he will give out information at least 1 year before it happens.
So practicaly we would have 1 year to replot all our k32 plots to k33/k34 or whatever =)
I just hope k32 will be supported for at least 5 years…

I do have (over) 3000 K32 plots :slight_smile:

It took over a month to replot them all for pooling, I didn’t push the plotters as hard as I could have - since pool replotting doesn’t have to be done quickly (i.e. you retain your relative space throughout). For me, the most irritating cost factor is that I have to aggressively air-condition the room when the plotters are running.

Re. moving to K33 or higher, I’d hope there’s a similar fast RAM-based plotter like MadMax by the time it’s a problem, and yeah agreed that some advance notice would be nice, and also agreed I’d rather K32 work for as long as possible.

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Plotting will get a lot faster and cheaper in the coming years, I wouldn’t worry about it


there is a possibility that K33 will become the new minimum at some point but this is really far far away if it even happens at all. I think the Chia team is saying most likely they will stick with K32 unless some major unforeseen hardware development forces them otherwise.
But there is no official position on this other that discussions because there is simply no way to know for sure.

Also if something does happen 10 years from now that will force the minimum size up, there is no way to know right now if the new minimum is going to be K33 or K34 or K**

So basically, it’s just not worth worrying about.

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Thanks for all the reply’s guys.
Makes sense to me.
If k32 would last let’s say at least 5 years the hard- and Software will also be more efficient to replot again.

@aschen i noticed the same problem.
When my plotter runs the room is getting very hot

Don’t count on K32s lasting five years or longer. Chia will move to K33s when you can produce a K32 in under a certain amount of time on reasonably priced hardware. Problem is, we don’t know the exact numbers for either of these thresholds.
With computer power always expanding and getting cheaper we know that these thresholds will be reached in years, not decades. Some unknown factor may pop up and force the move to K33s even more quickly.

They may skip K33 all together and make K34 the minimum, who knows.
Like you started the thread with… it’s 5-10 years out.

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Yeah, I have heard that possibility as well.
I plot only K33s and hope they don’t skip, lol!
I would need to upgrade or replace my plotter to plot K34s.
You need almost 8TB of plotting NVMe to plot K35s and they do not fit well on any but the largest HDDs.

If and when I upgrade my plotter it will be designed to plot K34s or better. I would love to plot K35s but would meed to see high TB HDD prices come down first.