Farming key + Pool key on 1 machine, plots on secound?

I have my Ubuntu VM with wallet (farmer key + pool key) and i have trying to connect it to my secound farmer machine whitout eny luck, but what happen when i farmering on my secound machine with the plots and all plots are faming right now and i have change reward+farme address to right wallet.

What happen if i get a block here? will it be payout for my right wallet or will i lose it becures its not connected to my “harvester setup” ?

It is hard to reply to this question…
You can do the following at least to confirm that if you win something it will go to where you expect it to go:

  1. On the “Ubuntu VM with wallet” server run the command: chia keys show
  2. Note the value for “First wallet address”.
  3. On “second farmer machine” open the config.yaml file with a text editor such as notepad. On Windows the file is located under “%userprofile%.chia\mainnet\config”.
  4. Search for “xch_target_address”
    If the values from step 2 and 4 are the same than it is all good.
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