Farming on laptop

Do You think it can be farmed on a core i5 8th 16gb ram laptop. 1 tb m.2. adding external hard drives connected with external usb?

yes as long as you plug in and keep it awake, i’m farming on an old macbook air 2012 with 4GB memory, no problem

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That setup should work perfectly fine. Just keep an eye an the system temps during plotting, maybe raise the laptop a bit from the desk to increase airflow. Depending on how much you plan to plot, it might make sense to research the TBW rating of the m.2 - many OEM drives have rather low ratings, especially on entry-level laptops. Happy farming!

Are you referring to farming or plotting? You can farm even on a raspberry pi.

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Will it be enough processing to sync the chia program blocks?

the raspberry Is it possible to connect an external 10 port usb, and recognize the 10 external hard drives?

yes doenst need much cpu work

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you need an external powered usb hub

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Make sure it’s a 20gbps USB NVME enclosure with a high quality chipset. The current latest and greatest is ASM2364

Equipped with ORICO’s latest USB3.2 Gen2 main control chip ASM2364, which supports up to 20Gbps transmission bandwidth,uses PCIe 3.0 x4 interface with a theoretical bandwidth of 4GB/s, fully meets the bandwidth requirements of USB 3.2 20Gbps (2.5GB/s) and support NVMe

Avoid JMicron. I need to start a topic about this, because under extreme read/write loads of plotting, many of these cheapie USB interface chips crash.

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What do you think of this one?

Sabrent Hub de datos USB 3.0 de 16 puertos y cargador con conmutadores individuales [90 vatios] (HB-PU16)