Farming on multiple pc

So im plotting on 4 pc and all 4 are on same key and they start to farm after plot is finished so can i farm on 4 pc with same key and different plots or i need to transfer it all on only 1 pc and farm there? because im farming 2 weeks still no chia…

If I understand correctly, you’ve been using the same key in 4 different computers, and each of those computers is plotting with the same key?

This depends on how many plots you have, the network growth and luck. There could also be a possibility that ports or UPnP are not set up correctly. Recommend reading full node FAQ section

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yes,same key in 4 different computers and each is plotting with same key… am i doing it wrong? im noob in this still learning… im plotting about 50 plots a day… the problem is that each plot starts to farm automaticly so i have 4 computers plotting and farming…

It works either way, but it’s less load on the network (and simpler) if you run one farmer. You’re supposed to disable upnp on the other nodes and forward port 8444 to your “main” farming node, so they don’t conflict (this is referring to the Windows version).

However… as people are learning the hard way… if your network config gets complicated and your farm gets big and chonky, things start timing out and there is a hard 30s harvester limit.