Farming on Odroid N2

Anyone tried farming on the Odroid N2 or N2+?
I have tried to use a rpi 4 over clocked to 1,75ghz run from a SSD but it struggled to keep up.

Farming or plotting? It should be OK for farming because a Pi 4 is OK for farming, especially with the 1.1.6 update which reduced CPU consumption of the farmer.

Planning to use one for farming. The rpi 4 works much better with 1.6!

Found a cheap N2 4GB and it works great for farming.
Moved the home dir to a 64gb SSD on usb.
Draws about 4w farming.

Tested to do some plotting on it and it actually works! It is not fast but cheap.
Takes about 21h to produce one k32 but only draws a total of 11w while plotting.

Phase 1:32374
Phase 2:12773
Phase 3:29265
Phase 4:1980
Total: 76394 (ca 21h 10m)

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