Farming or Plotting or Both functionality in the windows GUI

Is it possible that we will see a functionality for the windows gui where we can just tell it to be a plotter or a farmer or both etc

I know some of you guys love to geek out on the cli/powershell etc, and that’s cool. i do too when i have the time but my head is busted trying to learn all this stuff along with everything else i have to do in a day.

I love being a contributor to this network, but i really just need it a little more user friendly for my old and frazzled brain…

Do you think it could be made so or am i missing something?

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Well, it technically is in farm only mode, if you start the GUI and don’t do any plotting? All you do is add the paths where the plots are, and it farms them?

Yes, sorry perhaps i didn’t clarify… i’m thinking if i want to run various operations on several machines. all this set up and log checking, file copying and the problems i keep seeing ppl have it’s bashing my brain in…

oh and i should add harvester to that list i guess…

Yeah, harvester-only and plotter-only would perhaps be the two modes you could opt in to.

But plotter-only mode is really “use the command line” which… I gotta say as a guy who has hated the command line all his life… just… honestly… not all that difficult? It’s literally one command. With maybe 3-4 parameters that actually matter.


Ok… a favour if you would, can you check my thinking here…

I am going to set up just a plotter… i download the chia application onto the plotter machine. start it and use my mnemonic from my main machine to recreate the wallet/keys etc. then i shut that down (don’t sync it) and just use the cli to start the plots… am i right so far?

these plots i can then save onto an extrnal hdd and move that whole drive over to the main farmer or copy the files over as and when to an hdd on the farmer via the network

this really is how frazzled my brain is, i think i have just read too much and got myself mixed up all over the show…

many thanks for your help

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Yes that’s exactly it! Enter your key, let it start to begin syncing, but then immediately exit. From that point on you can plot from the command line and those plots will inherit your private key. You got it!


I was actually just looking for this information, this community is amazing :star_struck:


took me best part of a day to figure out how to start the plots in powershell, but i got it!

I really have never used it so what i think a lot of instructions/guides do is that they mention things in passing like “tab complete” and us total noobs have no idea what this means. a lot of googling later and i have 3 ps windows open running plots on a 2nd machine. (1tb samsung 970 pro).

i guess now i need to figure out some of this software that automates this process, plotman and swar are the 2 i have heard mentioned, is one better/easier than the other?

thanks for all your help.