Farming Solo and in a pool at the same time on a single Full Node

Hi, is that possible? How do I create a new NFT under my current full node address so I can create new plots for solo (all my plots currently farm with a pool)?

Kinda depends what release your running I’d guess.
I’m on .3.3

So I’d go to the pool tab in gui, hit the add a plot nft button ( top right) .
That will create a new nft.
Then create plots for it with your desired plotter,
To get the pool contract address to make sure the new plots are for that nft, click the ? Next to the nft name, and it will give that nft’s pool contract address .

You can then use that in the cli of your desired plotter.

Awesome! Will give it a shot!

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You can change the payout address for that nft, but make some / a plot, then we can cover that if need be.

Thanks…when I plot, I use the new contract address, and do I use my old/existing farmer public key?

Yes you do. ( 20 chrs )


And just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the NFT name like Red Rover? Is it used for anything?

No worries, welcome.
Afaik some pools use it to identify who’s mining there.
But it’s not all pools do that.

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This is certainly what I do. I have some OG plots and then I have 6 Plot NFTs. 3 of which are pooling and 3 of which are Self Pooling.

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