Farming solo and joining pool with same wallet from 2 machines, possible?

Ok, so here is my situation. I have already 200+ plots and still plotting solo with existing wallet.
Now with the pool coming soon, my plan is to leave those plots for solo farming at 1 PC/farming machine.
Once software with the plot update is released then I will create new portable plots with my available spaces and joining pool at different PC/farming machine.
My question is can I use the same existing wallet/key? Or should I create new key/wallet for joining pool?
Sorry for noob question. Thanks.

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I’m pretty sure you should be using the same wallet and key. The question I am trying to resolve is whether you can have the same /db and wallet running on two separate machines (harvester and plotter) at the same time. You would need to copy the plotter’s /db (and possibly wallet) to the harvester once everything is done. In theory, this should allow you to maintain sync for your OG plots while adding the pool plots and maintaining their sync. See my post here.

I am using my OG (as they call it) wallet to plot on my pool. My problem was that the NFT from my farmer never synced to the plotter (there is an error with 1.2.0 where manual syncing is needed and sync is not 100% guaranteed every click of the sync button). So, I copied the main DB and wallet DB from my farmer to the plotter to get the NFT copied over. By the time the NFT was copied over and I was ready to plot again, the plotter got out of sync, but I was able to sync it.