Farming to USB HDDs?

I’ve got a general question about farming and transferring plots. I may in the future upgrade storage in my server if and when I get the funds for it and if the cost is acceptable to me. USB drives are cheaper and compared to desktop drives, always have been. Is it better to get USB drives that can have the enclusure salvaged (at least the electronics) and shuck the drive or just use the USB drive as is on the server and transfer the plots over the network to my farming server.

Or hook the USB drive up to my plotter, plot till the USB is full then connect it to my farmer and farm on the full drive (missed time farming)?

Another option would be to set up the USB as a shared drive on the plotter and connect to it over the network from the farmer. That way you can farm the plots as they are made, then when the drive is full move them over to the farming machine.

I thought about doing that. Isn’t there latency involved? You need to be around the 2 second response time on block to win a 1/512 chance at competing for 2 XCH as I understand it. Adding unnecessary delay can be a problem. Good idea though.

I may try tonight if I have the time and transfer some of the plots that should finish today over to my spare 1TB USB and see how farming looks on that from my server. If it looks good, I may keep my USB drives on the plotter instead of the NAS server.