Farming with 100TB / 1015 Plots / Time to win 2-3 month since about 4 month and total plotting since 8.5.2021 no chia won

Hi here my plot generation “statistic”

2.6. 99 plots one year
17.6 222 plots 8 month
28.6 333 plots 6 month
19.7. 444 plots 5 month
26.7. 552 plots 4 month
13.8. 666 plots 4 month
26.8. 777 plots 3 month
2.9. 822 plots 3 month
11.9. 910 plots 3 month
29.9 1015 plots 2 month / 3 month toggle mostly at 2 month

Until now not a chia gained. I’m not in a pool (only pool option would be china pool for me)
I guess other people have the same problem and for that they don’t plot anymore and sell the disks…
So what is wrong with chia algo? Other one not winning with a lot of plots???

It’s not a problem, it says right in the gui it could take 3 to 4 x longer to earn a reward.

Dec 24th at 11:55pm I need to get a coin!!!

This is just about how lucky you are :slight_smile: … I got mine after 6 months with only 39TiB and in a pool. In 6 months I only got 0.8xch in a pool. So I’m solo now. I reckon it’s more profitable to do solo than in a pool–that is if you win the 2xch :smiley:

I read others won with lesser plots. So this is pure luck brother.

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This is just based on my specific experience, but I tend to multiply whatever my Chia Time To Win value is (in days) by 1.42. That seems to work with the math of how many days I’ve actually been farming divided by how many blocks I’ve actually won. For example, if Chia TTW is 9 days, it’s more like 12.78 days that would be my average number of days between wins.

Also, I farmed solo my first 3.5 months and in a pool the last 5 months… I’m essential just about even XCH wise between what I would’ve made solo the whole time versus being in a pool.
(Technically I’m 0.27 xch lower in pool than if I would’ve stay solo).


Me too, no reward. So I started sweetpool client a few weeks ago.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, unless you have +5 PiB to harvest, just join a pool. You’ll want to kill yourself less often.

Welcome to the club, be playing since May and only 2 XCH in my list and have 2254 plots growing by the day, slowly. Been on vacation since June 1, 2016 and using my saved cookies…

Hi so why you mining chia ? 2XCH just now about 200$

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