Farming with chia differences between 4 Farmers

Dear Chia Farmers,

I would to ask something related to some Farming concerns

We are 4 friends farming in 4 different IPs

  1. The first farmer have 3900 OG plots and has been farming for 1 and half month. He has already won 20 chia for this period. He did not use MadMax plotter for his farm. At “Node ID connection” he has KiB up/ down 1.1/4498.7

  2. The second farmer with 6000 OG plots farming for 4 months and made only 6 chia so far. At node Id connection KiB up/down it is showin 0.0/1468

  3. Third farmer farming for one and a half month with 8500 OG plots and won just 2 Chia. At Node If connection KiB up/down is showing 0.0/1405

  4. Forth farmer has 620 Og plots and 860 NFT plots in farm, farming from July 2021 and won 4 chia from mainnet and 3x 0.25 from Pool. On second farm (same Ip adress with upnp disabled) 1200 OG plots but no chia won for a month.

Could you please inform me

Why there are discrepancies on winning between farmers ? Especially with the First Farmer since he is winning evry 6 days.

Why kind of verification needs to be done in order to define if system is working properly or not?

Are Madmax plots trustworthy for farming?

This is insanely lucky…

This is also very lucky. I have 2000 plots in pool and only won 1 time 0.25 since july.

quite unlucky…

Personally this is why I have everything in a pool, I don’t want to be depending on this kind of luck/badluck and then left wondering if something might be wrong or not.

Haven’t seen any evidence that they would not be. Many, many people used MM and they are winning blocks just like regular plots. MM is even going to be included into the Chia main app


probably better to set this up as harvester, two on same network can give trouble.

One thing to look for in the logs is lookup times (set log level to warning, or info)