is down lost connection

I can not connect to and lost connection. Farmr is down.

Same. Too bad he’s having so many issues with servers. Was working earlier this AM.

Just came home from shopping, closed the windows and started again. Its on break its the weekend, upgrades maybe???

There is a cost to run any hardware (and of course development), and most likely he just run out of money. I checked his XCH donation address, and there were not too many donations there. Maybe it is just too much for him to cover.

Kind of a shame, as this was / is one of the best chia third party developments. It is unfortunate that Chia didn’t incorporate his project, as he by himself he did a much better job than their devs.

(By the way, I have never used it.)


Farmr is back again. I like it. Thank you Gil :+1::pray:

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