Feedback on Mac Mini Chia project

I am lookIng to start plottIng wIth a new mac mini m1 16gb 256ssd

I have 80tb of hdd (20 4tb hdd) that I will connect to a sabrent 16 ports usb + sabrent 7 port usb for plotting I am not so sure about the plan and I need information If some one can help,

  • option 1 : samsung pm 1725b ssd 1.6tb (I can get 4 plot in parallels with that but I don’t know how fast it will be) good endurance entreprise ssd

  • option 2 : get 2 1tb nvme ssd and a double hub to plot (thIs will surely be faster but durability is a big issue…) I wIll probably need a high end hub to get really good speed more $$$$

I am more pending for option 1 because I want to upgrade my capacity in the future and I don’t think nvmes are a viable solution.

All your ideas could be helpful! thank you for your feedbacks!

What CPU, and how much memory do you have? That will affect SSD choice.

Don’t post in all caps please.

You have 1.6 TBW per plot. If you take good care of you SSD’s you can keep your WA close to 1.
for 80 tb lets round that to 800 plots. So your TBW total would be 1280 TBW.

Your typical TLC SSD has an endurance of 600 TBW/TB. You will burn through 2TB of TLC to write all your plots.

That Samsung Enterprise drive seems to have a 2733 TBW endurance. You’ll burn through half of its useful life.

It all depends on pricing and what value you place on speed