Fiber channel sas SAN FOR SALE & hdds

All in working condition. Drives are brand new condition.

1tb sata 5$ a piece. And

Asking 600 for the san.

Let me know if u interested and any question.

We had ton’s of drives back in 2007, too bad I didn’t collect the chassis back then, Think of all the 18tb that would fit in there!!!

seriously :rofl: thies all have 148gb 15k sas cheetahs. I use it for testing purposes and vms that need performance… its fast as light fully saturates the fiber no issues.

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And as you have mentioned, 10A at the wall.

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Sorry but you show a 1TB drives and there are 60 drives in the picture. Did you just show a picture of a small drive??

this are all 1tb hdds. this top chasis are hollowed out. but the lower half is fully function sas san

the sans drives are

the actual farm that is not for sale

its where my plots are.

side note Im very aware my dust solutions bests.
the sideways gaming pc is my water cooled Proxmox Backup Server for my cluster :slight_smile: