Files ending in .plot.2.tmp

Is it normal to have files ending in .plot.2.tmp in the farming directories? Are they really temporary and will become .plot or they are there because of an error?

That is normal, it is part of the final move of the plot file. However, if the file stays that way for a long time, not normal.

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When plot files are being moved to your farming directory from your plotting directory they are renamed with the *.plot.2.tmp extension. As soon as they are fully copied over they should automatically rename themselves to *.plot

This prevents your Chia harvester from trying to harvest them mid-copy and reading them as bad plots because they aren’t a full file.

As codinghorror says, if the file stays that way for a long time then there could be a problem. Either they didn’t copy correctly or got interrupted at some point. If they look like they are the right size (about 106gb) and you’re absolutely certain that they aren’t mid copy, then you can try and rename them manually then try running a “chia plots check” command on them to make sure they aren’t damaged.

Also, if you’re copying plots between drives yourself, then it is a good idea to rename them with the “.2.tmp” suffix as you copy them for the same reason!

Thank you very much, you’ve been very complete in your answer and you answered to another question I was going to ask (moving plots around).

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