Files safe to delete?

Chia 1.3.3 / Windows 10 Home:

Ever since I upgraded from db version 1 to db version 2, I left the v1 files in place (just being extra cautious).

Now, I would like to delete them, and would appreciate confirmation that it is safe to do so.

In the below photo is the output from the wallet\db and the mainnet\db directory listings.
I would like to confirm that the two files matching pattern *v1* can safely be deleted.

By the way, ignore the timestamps on the files.
They are the directory listings of copies of when I last performed a backup.

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I had the same conundrum when I upgraded to v2 database, I left them for quite a while, but they were not being modified so I backed them up and deleted them.

Just noticed I’ve got a peer_table_node.sqlite file and also wallet_peers.sqlite file which haven’t been modified since March - just deleted them.


Yes, I, too, have other files that have not been updated in a long time.
But if there is any chance that Chia reads those files, then I am not going to delete them (especially if they are small).

But my v1 wallet is 12 GB (not that big a deal). But along with my 137 GB v1 blockchain file, that is a load of space that I could use for other stuff.

It was not until I actually needed the space on my backup drive, that I looked for unneeded files. Deleting those two files is an easy solution for reclaiming some space. But when it comes to tinkering (for lack of a better verb) with Chia files, I will not take any chances.

On my next copy from my live mainnet directory to my backup drive, I want to first delete the v1 files, which, when my backup runs, will delete the same from my destination drive. And that is why I asked my question. I was 99.9% sure that it was safe. With your (@Ronski) confirmation, I now have no doubt that it is safe.

Thank you.

For the files that haven’t been touch for a long time move them to a CYA folder, then you will see if you have any issues or Chia will remake them if needed.

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Your welcome, just checked and everything is running fine and still submitting partials, since deleting those two peers files.

Is that the same with wallet_v2 as it seems to have been replaced with v2_r1?

I’ve no idea, can’t say I’ve noticed that.

It appears that release 1.5.0 has changed the wallet file name to v2_r1 from v2. From the changelog:

There is now a blockchain_wallet_v2_r1_*.sqlite DB that will be created, which will sync from 0 to look for CAT2 tokens. This preserves a copy of your previous wallet DB so that you are able to look up previous transactions by using an older wallet client.

From the sound of that, you can now safely delete an older blockchain_wallet_v2_*.sqlite file as long as you aren’t going to use an earlier version again.