is it legit?

So, I was looking at different pools, and claims to pay fiat out directly… Anyone know anything about this pool? I was looking for a discord or telegram for it, but it dont’ appear to have one. I would be interested in some feedback.

Well first question, what country are they operating out of?

a simple whois shows its hosted in us (florida), shared hosting, 379 sites on server.

IP History 14 changes on 14 unique IP addresses over 11 years
Registrar History 2 registrars with 1 drop
Hosting History 5 changes on 5 unique name servers over 11 years

if that is legal, let me setup one right away

Whois results above is wrong. I just tested it too.

Site is protected by cloudflare, so we cant check country by site.
Pool is not protected by cloudflare and hosted on DigitalOcean directly, its not shared hosting.

I think that may be legal, so i already plotting and switchted my NFT to findchia. They have not yet implemented the payout in fiat, but they promise to complete the process very soon.

Considering they claim to have paid out 25 mill in payouts but fail to disclose what other pools they run I’m highly skeptical.

You would think if they had built up a good reputation in the crypto community they would let you know who they were.

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I think they just need some short time to do it.

If i had built up trust over many years I would let ppl know straight away to gain trust, it would take 2 mins, but believe what you wish.

Find chia sounds scammy to me and the shill here sounds shilly. Prove me wrong. But I don’t see anything adding up.

US entity paying fiat is certainly not legal without KYC. The legitimate guys with real lawyers who wanted to run a US-based pool, gave up when the lawyers said it would be too hard.

And if the country of operation isn’t obvious from the website do you think they are legal? :smiley:

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depends on where you are yourself. just because the server is in a place where it would be legal does not mean it would be legal for you to use the server/service if you are not under the same law.

I am leading towards scam

I am just wondering how they could scam with an “official protocol” that supposedly won’t allow scams/cheaters

Farmers would find it hard to scam but the pool still can.

Chia wouldn’t block them?

Most operating pools are blatantly illegal. Chia farming is decentralized the devs can’t “block” pools. ETH and BTC devs don’t censor scamming pools either. Its on you to do your own research and use common sense.

Run away with rewards once user base makes it worthwhile.
Lie about blocks farmed.

That’s 2 without me even engaging my imagination.

Or the norm, get “hacked”.

Just messaged them, to see what they say about the payouts. They’re one of the few pools with 0% fee forever if you join early on - I decided to plot a bit I’m each of these. So far so good, no issues.

Wel, lets say its not a scam, but just very naive with a pipe dream.
7 years experience, and not aware of the legal nightmare of paying in fiat. Cant see the minimum payout. not disclosing where they operate out of. Or even who they are. or the price they will payout out in. will they keep it and give you the current market price? from what exchange. or will they run to the market for you.

All for 0% fee forever if joining now, or 0.1%
Exchanges have fees, guess it could work if you have a source of dirty money

its not a plan that’s gonna stick around for the long term.

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@Spill True! There are so many pools out there, IDK if this one will even manage to pay out in fiat ever - seems quite ambitious. I’m going after a 0% fee forever, and so far it has been working well with this pool, and a few other ones, too.

I’m curious about KYC/fiat too, still to hear back from them.

Yeah they actually changed info on site, they added that withdrawing in fiat is under development so it’s alright, maybe they thought it would be easier to do this dunno

Where are you now? Whats the name of your company? What fee is your authorized partner taking on exchanging XCH to USD? What commission do you get on that?

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