First launch of main machine and harvester, plot warning about farmer public key

When creating the harvester, I chia init and created different keys from the main machine. Then, after copying the ssl/ca from the main machine, I chia init -c [directory] them into the harvester.
But in many guides on the Internet, when you first start the harvester, they insert a mnemonic phrase from the main machine, I did not do that.

Now I doubt the correctness of the settings, although I did everything on the wiki from the github.
I am also confused by the messages when chia plots check:

WARNING  Plot /mnt/sata/drive0/plot-k32-2021-05-23-09-25-a0a1bfd167820047705d626cc76c97c500sdgsh9b1a784bf38653f8d749056b6.plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list

Is everything set up correctly?

Sounds correct. The way to check is to look in the logs. You should see it communicating to and from the full node. If you did it wrong, you will have SSL errors when it tries to talk to the full node. You should also see incoming and outgoing communications in the logs of the full node. To see these logs, you have to have the log level set to DEBUG.

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