First post and Hello + Newb Questions

Hello All
I have been into (mostly watching) crypto for 10 years (should have invested more, but…)

I love the sound of Chia. it is what i have always said, that the “mining” needs to be for everyone, or as much as possible and the fees, well… they need to be less. that sounds to me like the original ideas of Crypto

Anyway. yesterday i installed the Chia softwear and left it updating (created 1 pool).
I has 256GB on a SSD and around 2TB on a HDD.
This morning, my SSD was full (unfortunately my OS is on this drive too)

What i can not find the answer to, is “How much hard drive space do i need, just to start off with”.
i want to contribute to the network, hence why i installed the software.

Or a better question might be “what is the minimum requirements” or “what is the best way to configer a PC to farm”?

I would be really grateful for any advice or answers. And sorry in advance if this is a silly question!

I hope to be part of this forum community and really would like to see Chai do very well!

All the best

The answer is: as much space as you have available.

Depending on what your goal is, you might want to acquire more.


Did you create a pool or a plot?
You will need 256.6 GB of temporary space and the final plot file will take 108.8 GB. Recommend reading Plotting basics
Strongly suggest to read the FAQ It will answer your current questions and more.

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Welcome! Best place is to start on the wiki: Home · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

For example, in the Beginners Guide it tells you you need 256.6 GB of temp space to do plotting.

Good luck!

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New information! Temp space is a little less than 250GB. 8 plotters on a 2TB drive works, no stagger


Thank you all so much.
I am sorry i did not find the Plotting Guides before. i had searched the Chia site and google but somehow failed to find them. it all makes a little more sense now! :slight_smile:

I have a backup PC/oldish workstation (i am a geek for backups…).
So rather than using my main work PC (with an SSD that holds my OS) i have ordered a 4TB HDD and will order a 1TB NVMe (any recommendations on which one, would be appreciated). I assume i can add more HDDs when i want (when i have learned a little). i already have a 600MB (up AND down) internet connection (can upgrade to 1GB, if needed)

i have 2 reasons for doing this. 1 is to contribute to the network (i have loved the torrent network too for as long as it has been available, and always seed with no benefits to me).
Reason 2 is to gain some CHiA and hopefully this will make me some money/investment (i already hold several cryptos, so this will be an addition)
Are there any examples of what i can expect to earn/farm from the “rough” setup, mentioned above please?

Again thank you! i will keep reading more & hope to become a part of the network and community here