Flexfarmer doesn't detect new plots on SMB shares

I’ve got two machines. One (253) is for plotting and farming and the other (249) is for plotting only.
249 has SMB shares set up and 253 is reading plots from it.
But Flexfarmer doesn’t detect new plots in the SMB shares. I have to restart Flexfarmer in order to detect these new plots.
Why does that happen? How can I troubleshoot it?

Something incorrectly setup…or… If I understood correctly, you keep plotting. As far I know, FlexFarmer doesn’t detect new plots. You have to restart it again…again…again.

I have SMB share on Linux rig, shared to another Linux farmer. No issues.

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Flexfarmer uses fsnotify to get file creation notifications from the associated filesystems for each plot directory. Unfortunately SMB mounts don’t support the necessary filesystem primitives that are required for fsnotify to work (e.g. inotify on Linux). You might be able to opt into the original plot-scanning method used by earlier versions of Flexfarmer, I’m not sure. Or you can use the reference harvester (or the Gigahorse harvester) while you’re plotting and switch back to Flexfarmer when you’re done.

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