FlexFarmer Gigahorse released! Reduced Fees! No sync needed to plot or farm! Boost income up to 48.9!

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Got the v2.3.0 up and running and farming, its working great and runs no differently than the last version, except its now farming my new compressed plots!

Keep up the great work!

I am plotting C6 and my gpu hasn’t arrived yet. It is saying partial accepted tho

Thank you, I will check it out.

I see Linux only for the moment. The wait goes on :slight_smile:

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The rest are coming but they have bugs we are figuring out.

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Thanks for the update :+1:

Gonna get going with this today.
Should be bringing about 500tib (compressed)


Good luck with the plotting! Get them Chias.

:fire: FlexFarmer v2.4.0 Released - A large maintenance release containing a lot of fixes and improvements :fire:

This release fixes numerous bugs, which includes large use of OS threads and system memory when using Gigahorse plot backend, issues with stealth networking features (which got removed altogether), and invalid RDNSequence errors when trying to farm with a local self hosted node.

Additionally, this release enables our new Chinese region, which is accessible by specifying cn in your config.yml file.


Full changelog

v2.4.0 - A large maintenance release containing a lot of fixes and improvements


  • Added support for the Chinese region (cn). You may now specify cn in your config if you want to use it.

  • Fixed large memory/OS thread footprint when farming with Gigahorse plot backend.

  • Removed stealth networking features originally introduced in v2.0.2 and replaced them with a more lightweight solution to avoid common blockage, which includes the Chinese Great Firewall (GFW).

  • FlexFarmer will now warn you if an unknown configuration directive is found.

  • Fixed a regression that made it impossible to farm with a local self-hosted node with

FlexFarmer version v2.3.0 and higher until this release.


On our Get Started page - Get Started - FlexFarmer.

For Docker users, the new FlexFarmer is already at flexpool/flexfarmer.


Keep up the great work!

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Does it work with native windows yet ??

Unfortunately no only wsl. Even when we add native windows it’ll only work for cpu.