Flexfarmer - plots = 10 proofs = 0 and difficulty

Hi there, I’m farming with 182TB compressed plots C8 using Madmax on an GTX3060 12GB and HPZ4G4 Workstation to flexpool.
Can somebody tell me if this is normal to see eligible plots but no proofs ? Sometimes the log says “Partial Accepted” etc. Is this how it should be ? Am I missing something ?

Also, I am confused by setting the difficulty. Some say it should be 18, some 200. How can I find the best setting for the difficulty when the farm is still growing ?


yes, this is very much normal.

As for the difficulty, you have to experiment a bit. You can use this tool to get an idea:

But ultimately, it’s just about figuring out the right setting for your system You want the pool to get an accurate idea of your farm size, so somewhat regular partial submissions. On the other hand you don’t want to have your system overloaded with partial lookups.

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