FlexFarmer with out using a GPU?


I need my gpu for plotting, is there a way to run flexfarmer and use the cpu instead?

I tried the no hardware option in the config file but it was rejected.


cat config.yaml

 disable_hw: true # Disable hardware acceleration (GPU) for Gigahorse plots.

Actually, news just broke: flexpool is shutting down 1 nov


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Yeah what a loss. Flex was my primary source of revenue, now I have to figure out what to do with my 1000 plus C8 and C9 plot files produced by cuda_plot_k32. are they compatible with the latest version of chia ? I’m doubtful. advise any one

No, they are not compatible with the latest version of Chia, just use the GH software instead of Flex farmer.


it reminds me maxpool…most pools will die, and what remains will be exactly what we do not want in blockchain…CENTRALISATION.

it will also kill many inefficient farmers.

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C15 will be out before we shutdown. So you’ll have to replot anyway. Gigahorse files are compatible with Max’s Gigahorse client.