Flexpool.io Chia Pool Launch and XCH Bonus Event!

Hi everyone! Announcing Flexpool Chia! Chia! Chia!

We’ve been working hard to get our XCH pool up and have written our own pool code in Golang rather than rely on the reference implementation in Python. This allows us to set partial difficulty low which creates a smooth farming experience so you’ll easily see if issues crop up, similar to ETH mining! After days of closed beta testing we believe that we are ready for release.

We’d like to announce that our XCH pool is now live and accepting all farmers! Please check out our website and click get started for details on how to join. For the first 7 days we are giving out 2 XCH a day (at random times) as a launch promotion. At our current farm rate (2 PB) this means you’ll make 400%+ more here for the next 7 days and guarantees an income!

Instructions on getting started here: The Most Advanced Mining Pool | Flexpool.io (If the website doesn’t work, please clear your browser cache)

For tech support please ask in the Chia channel of the discord. Also please checkout the official guide from the Devs Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub


Nice! Congrats!

You should remove your Chia Coming Soon in your website since you’ve launched already. :slight_smile:

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I believe it is, make sure to clear cache.

“relative lock height” ?

Yeah I saw it in another browser. The other browser still shows coming soon.

What’s a worker? That concept is alien to Chia. We have Farmer and Harvester.

Thanks for pointing that out. Some terms were copied over from ETH as we designed the website with multiple coins in mind. We will go back and change things.


Once I join pool, is there a guidance on timing my rig maintenance window? I know the best case would be 24/7 on, but right now I’m still adding hdds to it (non hot-swappable) - so once in a while it needs to be shut down.

The website says payout once an hour. If you could please shed some light on points system that would be appreciated. Thank you

We use a PPLNS log. The PPLNS Reward System. The most profitable yet reliable reward… | by Alex S. | Flexpool | Medium Helps explain it.

Do you have a page yet for the overall pool stats?

Does anyone have instructions to mine on multiple pools? I’d like to compare Flex with others

So you have won 0 chia yet?

the statistics page of our website.
Sorry its the pool protocol so you can’t mine on us and others at the same time with 1 nft. You can make more than 1 nft and split your rigs though.

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Yep 0! at 73% now.
But we’re giving out 2xch soon so your basically guaranteed a block a day even if our luck sucks.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t see the dropdown. I’m too used to you being an ETH only pool :wink:

Creating a second NFT now. You know, as long as you’re giving out free coins - you could just give them directly to me, I promise I’ll only do good things with them :smiley:

The official pooling reference suggests adjusting difficulty so that a farmer has about 300 partials per day. @Chris22, you say that Flexpool will have lower difficultly, i.e. higher rate of partials, for more consistent space estimation. So how many partials per day can a farmer expect on Flexpool? And how big is the PPLNS window?

Great, I’m joining now…

The showed enpoints are missing a https://, for example https://xch-de.flexpool.io instead of only xch-de.flexpool.io.
Okay, I see that in the guide there is alway a https:// preprended.

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difficulty is 1 so depends on how much your plotting. on your worker page you can see the pplns window and how much of it you occupy (same as our eth pool)

Looke like flexpool found it’s first block :slight_smile:

Nice, been waiting for this one, couple of questions:

  • How does hashrate (H/s) in your stats charts convert to TB? (ignore that - was just cached Javascript, I see the figures in TB & PB now)
  • Is your giveaway proportional to space?

Better kick up that PB quick, you need 3PB/day just to win one XCH.


So right now 2PB, your winning 2/3 XCH per day!!

How many people do you have to share these winnings with?? Is there just one whale on 1.9PB, or is it 1,000 users with 2TB? (20 plots)???