Flushing config.yaml.lock file during runtime

not oftenly and yet. it back it up, update and remove backup. have you noticed that, is it normal behaviour?

No, this is not normal behavior. My config has not been modified since I installed the latest version. With everything you have been posting about supposed bugs and missing winnings, I’m starting to wonder if you may have a trojan or something messing with your setup. Your system may have been compromised.


Ok. Now we are moving to somewhere. I suspect that too but no really issues have experienced until 1.6.1.

Are you sure? It creates config.yaml.lock and delete it in a sec.

And trojan, how? I don’t run anything from insecure places.

I installed 1.6.1 yesterday morning. Just over 24 hours ago. My config.yaml is still timestamped as of the time of the install. Has not been touched.

Have you ever ran any third party tools? Something to help parse logs or plotting, could be anything? May not have been recently. Could have been there for a long time and finally got triggered.

Out of curiosity, I would go and change something small in the config file. Then save it and save a copy of it. Then when you see it has changed again. Open the save copy and the new version and see if anything changed. Maybe that will give you a clue on what is going on.

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Ok. Just figured config.yaml itself not updating, just new file config.yaml.back appear and disappear from time to time.

no, i’m a paranoid in good term i don’t trust any tool :eyes:

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Interesting, I don’t have that. Unless I am looking in a different spot. But it is not in the mainnet/config folder. Just the SSL folder and the main config.yaml file. I wonder if that is a feature you can turn on that I don’t have enabled.

Unfortunately, my final verdict for this and all other correlated issues:

is that the Issue lies on layer 8. Unfortunately, these kinds of issues are barely solvable and require extensive knowledge gathering to resolve.

With that verdict in mind and the expectation that its likely not gonna be resolved, im out of these threads. Many paths lead to Rome. Which doesnt mean one can just pic any path and Land in rome.

One final question out of curiosity though:

  • Why would you change/backup/delete the config file of a running system live?

Leads me to think, that you also deleted the wallet database at runtime as well as other, unthinkable curiosities to happen.

First of all thank you for your participation!

I did not, you must be misled by “flush” term. Neither deleted db at runtime :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of clean re-install the whole software.

PS. what is layer 8?

This is still happening, now i know what process is in charge of doing such thing start_farmer.exe and yet have no clue what for.