For all of the posting about plotting on this forum, network size has been stagnantly stable

Suggests that an equal number are going offline, is this the case?

Total Network Space has been very heavily correlated with the price of XCH. Since the price has gone up lately, the network space has increased some, but not a ton. Chia (XCH) Netspace Chart : History, Evolution, Growth | XCHscan I suspect that this slow movement is because a lot of the folks that are still plotting aren’t adding all that much in relation to the Total Network Space. I mean, adding 1 whole PiB to the network is still only .098% of 1 PiB, or .0046% of the Total Network Space.

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It means dreamers left, and only hardcore-fundamental-based guys remain.

It also means, that large/serious players took over…it will eventually lead to death of Chia as ETH, BTC experienced. Once, kids start to compress plots…invest thousands to new servers. That will be the end :wink:

So far, Chia is the only poor-friendly crypto still earning money even in worst energy unfriendly lands paying >0.3€/kWh

Our analysis suggests, that price will drop further, and only most efficient players remain in network.

Even if you can plot <20min plot…there is no normal person capable to spend 12’000$/month for new HDDs. Even rich kids with sub 10min plotting rigs have no money for necessary HDDs.

Most importantly, there is currently 6 years ROI just on HDDs if you can get them for 15$/TB. HDD warranty is 5 years. That is the main reason why netspace declines because it doesn’t really make money if you count your time, plotter, server HW :wink:

BackBlaze used to do study because they have Petabytes of free/spare space…unprofitable even at 200$/XCH back then :wink:

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