For Sale: Software to plot in the cloud for <$5/TiB, farm in the cloud for $22/TiB/month or less

I’ve very rapidly built a farm on a major public cloud service that allows crypto mining, one that I believe to be the cheapest for Chia plotting. My setup runs nearly autonomously and is fully optimized for plotting cost ($0.47831/plot = $4.832/TiB). Once plotted, farming in the cloud costs somewhat under $25.592/TiB/month (not yet optimized for price). Committing to longer-term usage can bring costs down further - notably, committing to keeping plots stored for 3 months will allow cheaper storage, bringing the total down to $12.55/TiB/month.

I’m about concerned about Chia’s future and whether its price will rise enough to keep up with network growth so I’d like to sell my plotting setup (it’s built as a set of configurable Bash scripts - no real coding required but familiarity with Linux terminals would help with being able to maintain it over time) and, separately, my 41.27TiB farm.

DM me if you’re interested and we can discuss price and details of ensuring a safe and satisfactory transaction for both sides.

how much do you charge for your software and which cloud provider it uses aws or google cloud or azure? and can the plots be downloaded locally from the cloud?

Google cloud. You can download the plots but it’s probably too expensive to be worthwhile at $8/plot (it’s possible that you might be able to lower that by half or a bit more with some sort of trick but I think that downloading plots defeats the goal of the setup, which was to cheaply and rapidly scale up the farm size. Once you download it, it’s probably no longer a cost effective way to scale up plotting)