For sale -- three Terra-Master F5-422 NASes

I am selling four (4) Terra-Master F5-422 devices, I paid $599 each for these, you pay only $400 and that includes shipping to the continental USA. I’m giving up on NASes because they add too many variables to your Chia farm (apparently) and the Chia team recommends against NASes in general.

Full specs at TerraMaster F5-422 10GbE NAS 5-Bay Network Storage Server Intel Quad-core CPU with Hardware Encryption but here’s a summary:

  • Intel® Celeron J3455 quad-core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • Five 3.5" / 2.5" drive bays (up to 90tb storage 5 × 18tb)
  • Dual USB superspeed ports
  • one 10 gigabit ethernet port (also works at 2.5gbps and 1gbps)
  • two 1 gigabit ethernet ports

There is not one single thing wrong with these NASes they all work perfectly fine. I’ve tried them in RAID 0 mode (primarily), in RAID 5 mode, JBOD, and “one volume per disk” mode and everything works smoothly, the web UI is clear and straightforward, and they set up nice and easy. I was getting 400-500 megabytes per second of throughput out of these with the striping, so the hardware inside can indeed accommodate a fast network, if you have one.

Will not include original box, but will include

  • NAS (aluminum shell)
  • five drive bay caddies
  • power brick

I am only shipping to the USA… and if you buy more than one, you get a discount!

edit: sold one, 4/27/2021, 4 remaining
edit: sold one, 5/1/2021, 3 remaining


So all those people preaching the “just run a Chia node on your NAS!” religion can do that with this as well, it runs docker, and has 4GB RAM and a reasonably beefy CPU. You can also upgrade the RAM pretty easily if you need to, there is a slot for another 4GB DIMM inside there.


If anyone wants to live the NAS life, please buy NAS’es from me! Buy more than one and I’ll cut you a deal! These guys are 10 gigabit capable, 5 drives, nice aluminum chassis with 2 quiet 80mm automatic fans… and I verified they indeed deliver 400-500mb/sec in a RAID 0 stripe! :point_up_2:


Quick bump in case anyone wants in on this sweet 10 gigabit 5 drive NAS action… one NAS works fine on the Chia network…

Another bump for a great deal on these NASes! You can run the remote harvester in a Docker container as needed:

Here’s a pic of me copying data off via a directly connected USB drive at very high speed:

This baby can easily sustain 400+mb/sec if you stripe it, and that includes the gigabit ethernet port… it has some oomph, it has get up and go! :muscle:

I’ll take the rest of them off your hands.

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All sold! Thank you friends! With the right care and feeding these ARE cool little devices!

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