Fork of Chia - Chaingreen

Hello everyone,

Have you heard of the Chias fork - Chaingreen ? If so , what are your opinions ?
Apparently you can double plot- both Chia and Chaingreen ?

At first quick read.

I like that they did not prefarm

I like that they have limited supply

I like their community focus

I’m a little annoyed at them confusing GB with GiB

With Chia being designed for luring in fortune 5000, a real distributed community competitor will have a fight on their hands.

How would that work? My quick read i didnt find it

Their wallet doesn’t sync and all it’s full of errors. It could be a copy coin but not yet.

What do you mean by “double-plot”? HDD space can only contain a Chia plot or a plot for this Fork… you can’t use an existing Chia plot for the fork to farm on.

For a fork to have a chance to co-exist with Chia you will need to be able to farm a plot created with Chia on the fork and visa versa. People are unlikely to use up HDD space for the fork if this space can be used for Chia.

The plot format wasn’t changed, so why not allow existing (Chia) plots to be used…

Looked at the Github repo… hardly any code changes… it was mostly a rebranding effort, and a change to the Genesis block (to remove the pre-mine).

Oh wow, did not expect that to happen that early. Anyway ill try to farm a couple CGN tonight. I‘m curious about the experience they are able to provide.

The only differnces I see for now is that it has no pre-mine and it uses a hardcap. And that it only runs on Windows for now.

I’m curious if I’m able to plot valid plot for CGN using vanilla chia plotter or madmax, using the generated keys from CGN ofc.

So far it looks absolutely identical (sitting behind many firewalls so no outbound connection):

Yeah, they slapped a different name on the Chia repo, changed the Genisis block and that’s it.
There is no new tech here… just a rebranding effort.

Without a pre-mine or dev fund percentage of each block reward, they won’t have a marketing budget, or budget to get listed on exchanges.

Stuff like this:

Makes me think they are way out of their league and don’t know what they are doing.
Chia is a very advanced blockchain, you can’t just copy/paste it like this.

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That’s the nice thing about open source, anybody can clone, change a couple of things and go ahead. There are plenty of coin clones out there. Expect several dozens for Chia if it is successful.


No pre-mine, but donations and in-house farming to pay the bills.
Without pre-mine or other finding you are depending on donations or. .selling coins.
Precisely the situation Chia wanted to prevent .

The way Chia did it also has problems, but this seems like trading one problem for the next

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Everyone who thinks Chia is a scam is going to love this :joy:

This will definitely creating some alert/stir on Chia team and i think it’s good thing for small farmers!

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Yeah, looks like an inexperienced team that just saw the reddit FUD around pre-mine (to me it really looks this was the only change made, other than the rebranding).
Did a copy/paste of Chia github

The name is really bad in my personal opinion
The website is a cheap template, and they even link to the wrong github URL on the website ( instead of ← for an opensource project, that’s really bad…

OP asked for our opinion… Given what I’ve seen here, this won’t last very long.
Good thing is any HDD space you allocate to their plots can be easily wiped out and replaced by Chia plots :slight_smile:

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Very much doubt that :slight_smile:

Yes, as always, typical recommendations here to run new projects:

  • Do your own research, only you are responsible for your crypto actions
  • Run from source when possible
  • If unsure , do not run at all
  • Run at a separate computer/virtual machine any untrusted code, if possible isolated from the rest of the network.
  • Do not share key/secrets between projects
  • Always farm to a cold wallet

The project may be legit and people nice, but as the Chia Wiki hijack incident showed no one is free from making mistakes and exposing users to malware.


well, i guess we just have to find out in near future… in any case it’s interesting

just trying for curiosity… so far seems be working fine…and synching …plotting… maybe you don’t have any peer networks connected yet?

Interesting is that the owners (Gary Guerassimov & Nick Iliev) behind it claim to run (according to LinkedIn). Any1 ever heard of that exchange?

Those 3 reviews on trustpilot say pretty much everything.

yeah, only 3 reviews… not much to go by…
but the most recent one isn’t great:

very poor service - Scam Alert

very poor service
no responce from team
stay awaaay
also withdraws stay pending
i try with i small amount
they are scammers
stay away

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Just be safe, follow @ecoin advice.

You can just wipe their plots if it doesn’t work out.
There is a small opportunity loss by not plotting for Chia I guess.

Just don’t get some malware on your PC or let their software get near your Chia wallet.