Forks, All Synched but no Rewards

I have a problem with the rewards of the forks. I farm only. That’s a dozen forks. 370plots farmed on Chia. Everything is connected and synchronized. The estimated time to win is 2 to 4 days, but it’s more than a month and no rewards are coming …
I used the same Chia wallet v.1.2.11 that created the plots.
Can anyone help me figure out what I may have been doing wrong? Thank you so much

Which forks are you farming specifically? Are you sure you can farm forks in parallel with Chia (not all forks support that)?

How long have you been farming for? It takes time to get your first payouts.

I’ve been farming Chia for about a year, now I have 360 ​​plots and a winning estimate in 5 months (I won 2 in January along with the 2 Chia Holidays they gave away for Christmas).
From April 20 I started farming these forks: BTCgreen, Gold Coin, Mint, LittleLambo, Aedge, ETHgreen, ShibaGreen, GreenDoge, stai, Stor, HDDcoin, DogeChia, ChainGreen
(in addition to Chives that I put to compile the Hdd with the smallest 31k and 30k but which still estimates me several months).

Type GoldCoin estimates me 1 day but now it’s 3 weeks and has not released any rewards.
So all the others except LittleLamboCoin which is the last fork I activated and yesterday they released me 8LLC as a reward.
Apart from the littlelambo I am therefore largely out of the rewards forecast … strange, maybe it’s bad luck but out of a dozen forks together it seems difficult …
I’m farming myself, I don’t think I have to do it in the Pool, right?

I didn’t know that some forks couldn’t be farm together, maybe that’s the problem. Can you tell me which ones can dare conflict? I thank you for the help you are giving me

you can have a try on one fork, chia meme coin,web

Thanks, i also try with this. Now it’s synching…I hope that at least this fork can release rewards

So, a question to you, will digging a fork prevent us from finding a block in chia, have I ever come across it, for example, I’m digging 6 forks, the block has not fallen yet. Does the block fall a lot in chiada forks?

no, i guess it was just a low RAM problem on my Imac … I had a big delay in the GUI Plot Response Time. It was enough for me to close a couple of forks and now I started getting rewards (8LLC, 2AEC, 18XETH, 7500XSHIB, 10GDOG, …).
All right for now