Form spendbundle

hello! Help me please. How to form spendbundle and sign to send coins to wallet via node?

Does this help How To See What chia coins you have - #4 by BadgerStork
Or do you want to do chialisp?

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You want to send coins via cli?

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Problem conditions: 1. I know the wallet mnemonic.
1.1. There is a synchronized full node and ssl certificates.
2. you can not synchronize the wallet.
3. Make a transaction using the rpc node push_tx command RPC Interfaces · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub To do this, you must correctly create and sign the transaction (spendbundle). How to do it?

This is basically offline signing, and would be great for air gapped wallets for security, I didn’t even know it was possible.
Anyway, I responded to your dm with a solution that will hopefully work for you.

why dm?
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They dm me so I responded in dm.
Kinda says so in my last post.

Why do you care?

It would be interesting to read the solution, I didn’t understand why you dmed, not wrote it here

Because they sent me the question by DM.
I dont know how to do what’s being asked, I offered a possible workaround to the problem though, which was just to install the light wallet on another box.

Okey, I already understood why you answered by dm. I just said that I asked that question because it was interesting for me to know the answer. Thanks for writing that solution here too.

If I had a solution to what was actually being asked I would have posted here.
I’d replied to the dm before I saw this thread was updated by the OP.

Thank you. I’ll try to do it with a light wallet.